4216_1162741751230_4502949_n Welcome to the Bare Indulgence.NET.   Perhaps you suffer from dry skin naturally or due to medical conditions, medications that have changed your skin or if you have not taken the best care of your skin up to this point or you have noticed that your skin has changed, BareIndulgence.NET is for you! The whole premise of my company is to help people hydrate naturally from the outside in, as a diabetic myself I am very passionate about this mission. Due to all of the chemicals that are put in store-bought soaps, chemicals from makeup, our own natural air, water, foods, the sun, well I decided to personally change the way that I took care of my skin. I am dedicated to taking a more natural approach to your grooming habits and truly pampering your body.  In this fast paced world, it’s time to take a few minutes for ourselves and give our skin what it needs. You will find that I use simple hand crafted packaging for great products that are eco-friendly and budget friendly. Natural products in the most simple form.  Oils such as jojoba, coconut, cocoa butter, castor oil, argan, olive, almond, shea butter and grape seed, sweet almond, essential or fragrance oils, infused oils, natural clays and more. I even add at least one free sample to every order as a bonus!

It’s easy, just click on the STORE tab to begin shopping, select an item, place it in the cart and then return to the store tab and choose another item! Purchase once in my store, you will receive my business card, on the back of the card you will find that on your 10th order, you will receive a free full size body butter, bath salt or scrub with your order. If you refer a friend and they become a customer, their order will count towards your orders, so you’ll get that free product even sooner! Subscribe to my blogs and get them via email and most importantly tell a friend. Thanks for helping me to fight the battle of dry skin.

Paypal and Credit/Debit cards are acceptable forms of payment. Currently we using a flat rate of $8.00, ship only within the United States. So no matter how much you buy your rate is the same so make the most of it, buy more and save! :) If you have questions or help, please fill out the contact form and I will be happy to assist you!



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